ypr chef private instructor private chef

ypr chef private instructor private chef


All that excellence…what a legacy. 

Rip rip

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"Space is big. Really big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is.”

-Douglas Adams

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"I don't know"


He tries his best to show how much he loves you
She tells that she know he love her but only tell him a lie
He waits longer to show her through action because words aren’t good enough.
She tell him his love is bullshit and its a lie.
He suddenly wish he never did. Yea she fuck up now.


There will always be that one person that makes you have a strange feeling when yoou are around them. Sometimes you will try to hide it but at least you know its there

That tattoo thou

That tattoo thou

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I still …

Miss you in some way
I know better there is no right thing to say
Maybe I am still stuck on the pass love
That was the last love
So i putting a mask on to act love

Flasback tom cruise make an impossible possible
So its possible to believe i am not the only one still thinks about the good times
Dislike when had bad lines of words
You would thought we had a food fight
the week no I love you & an end it off with a goodnight
Wake up to your face still on facetime
Next day I’ll put my hands on your waistline
So are we fine?

But those days are over
No beginning to end
Nomore friendship
Sink drown you’re a wreck only with the things i left with
It was nice to know ya
Somedays i want closure
6 months ago i wish you can over
You still made it seem it wasnt really over

My name still under you tongue
Chewing Smack dont blow it out… gum
Josh wasnt a everlasting flavor
He melted quicker than that now and later
Giving away too much sugar
Giving the heart out to others like a disease
No attachment to that blood spilt on the leaves
The love wasnt what she needs
She needs more ig likes and new twitter ids
Without Getting connected and realizing the eyes are not at ease
They want more they want to be please
They want her to become something they want just a one time need
She doesnt see
So I couldnt tell I had to leave

Draft 1

P.S. Performing this pretty soon but i’ll will be doing some editing later on

Congraluation to Orlando

Congraluation to Orlando

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Brad Pitt in 1994

If I would really want become an actor. I would follow three Brad Pitt is one of them.

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Great chefs comes together for a reason. My vision put to work .

Presenting cacao Margarita for my professor and a dish that blew her my with my team yprchef

Presenting cacao Margarita for my professor and a dish that blew her my with my team yprchef